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How To Make A Tutu Dress

A child’s dance recital is one of those moments that moms look forward to their entire lives. Not only do little girls look absolutely adorable while dancing in their first recital, it is an opportunity for mom to be involved in their extra curricular activities. Of course, even if a little girl is not in dance lessons, they might still want to feel like a princess in a tutu dress. Moms everywhere can make life a little easier by learning how to make a tutu dress. An endless array of colors are available to choose from and there are several methods for constructing these simple clothing items.

Before getting started, think about what the tutu will be used for. If this dress is going to be used in a recital, the dance instructor will make decisions about color and embellishments. When an entire class of students needs to match, it is important to follow directions precisely. In fact, it might be best if all the moms get together when learning how to make a tutu dress, to ensure uniformity. Tulle, the primary fabric used in tutu creation is available in so many colors that it is difficult to match colors unless all of the material is purchased at the same time. Dye lots often vary in fabrics, so if moms need to make sure that all fabric is from the same dye lots. There are a bunch of different options for learning how to make a tutu dress.

What To Know Before Learning How To Make A Tutu Dress

Many local craft stores will offer classes for sewing and other easy craft projects. Learning how to make a tutu makes for an ideal craft project because it is easy and does not require any special tools. In fact, a tutu dress can be constructed without any sewing at all. Putting one together that looks good, has the right length and incorporates extra decorations can be tricky, so attending a class is usually a good idea. However, not everyone lives near a place that offers this set of craft lessons. Sometimes, scheduling can get in the way or the tutu dress must be completed before the next class.

Online tutorials and instructional courses make it easy to find out what is needed to get started. Comprehensive courses provide material lists, basic patterns and detailed step-by-step instructions for the finalized dress. Learning how to make a tutu dress starts with knowing what materials to buy. If the tutu dress is meant to be part of a costume, consider the different colors that will best express the desired result. For example, a bee costume should be yellow and black, where a lady bug costume is red and black. A good online course includes different costume ideas and several construction methods.

There are free construction guides available online, but they are often insufficient for the task. They may not clearly explain or illustrate each step. A free guide online does not offer the option to ask questions or interact with the instructor. If the person constructing the garment fails to understand a reference that is specific to the manufacture of the tutu, they can not ask for clarification or a demonstration from a different angle. The best way to learn how to make a tutu dress is to learn from an expert. A carefully documented manual with illustrations that detail every aspect of the process is the best way to go.

Get Organized Before Making A Tutu Dress

Often, when tackling a craft project the difficult part is getting started and staying organized. When working from a manual each step is laid out in order, starting with the required materials. Before even starting the project, purchase all of the necessary items. This way, at no point will the process stall. There will be no delays while someone runs off to the store to grab a forgotten piece. A good manual will provide a checklist that lays out all the needed items for each project. Of course, with a task like learning how to make a tutu dress, there will be many different options in terms of color and decoration, but the basic materials are the same.

Most home crafted tutu dresses are constructed from tulle, elastic and ribbon. When familiarized with all the tricks of putting this garment together, there is not even any sewing required. The entire dress can be assembled without ever pulling out needle and thread. However, attempting to make a tutu dress without instructions is the difference between a beautiful dress and a ragged looking piece of doll clothing. The more moms know on the subject, the fewer mistakes they will make. No child should have to go trick or treating in a costume that looks thrown together. With a bit of creativity and a willingness to learn how to make a tutu dress, moms can always come up with a costume that looks professional.

Halloween costumes, recital outfits and even make believe dress up clothes can all be very expensive. A neat and inexpensive way to deal with these clothes is to make them. Buying materials in bulk and when it is on sale allows moms to save a bundle on the total cost. Sure, storing a large amount of tulle fabric and other craft supplies is no picnic, but the monetary savings are worth the inconvenience. Plus, learning to be crafty applies in all areas of motherhood. Do not stop with learning how to make tutu dresses, think about learning how to make other clothing, starting a scrap book or taking up cake decorating. All of these craft skills will come in handy as children get older.

Learning how to make a tutu dress could be a first step into getting more involved in arts and crafts. The techniques usedwill also help with other projects. Decorating a hall is made easier, and throwing together home made holiday decorations as well. Make sure to choose the best method for learning how to make a tutu dress available. Do not waste time trying to schedule a class around a busy schedule. It will only delay learning the process. Checking out free sites as a possible source of information is a good idea, but when it comes time to actually assemble a tutu dress, purchase a manual. That way moms can be assured of all the information, helpful pictures and easy checklists to make everything a streamlined process.

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