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How To Make A Tutu Skirt

A tutu skirt makes a wonderful gift for a little girl. In a skirt, she can be a princess, dancer or anything she wants. The skirt can be worn as a costume for Halloween or a dress-up party. If she is a dancer, she may be able to wear it on stage during a recital. Finding out how to make a tutu skirt is not difficult, especially if the crafter has clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Video directions simplify the process even further as the instructor clearly demonstrates each step.

How To Make a Tutu Skirt With Tulle

Tulle is the material most commonly used to make tutus. It’s a light, lacy netting that gives the tutu its body. Tulle is available in a range of colors and widths. It is usually sold on a spool, like ribbon. The color of tulle that works best depends on the style of tutu being made. A Tinkerbell inspired tutu, for example, calls for green and yellow tulle. Ballerina tutus are usually made of pink. Usually, the best way to choose the color of tulle is for the little girl who wear it to pick out the colors herself. There is no limitation on how many colors of tulle can be used. Some people prefer a single color while others want the entire rainbow.

The wider the tulle is, the more full the tutu will be. Common widths used include four inches and six inches. The length needed will depend on the length of the skirt and the size of the girl who will wear it. To make a fluffy and full tutu, the crafter should cut double lengths of tulle and fold each length in half.

How To Make The Waistband

The waistband is key to the entire project. Without a waistband, the tutu does not come together. There are several options for making the waist. A crafter can use a length of satin ribbon and wrap it around the girl’s waist like a belt. She can also use a 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide length of elastic. The elastic allows for more movement than the ribbon. It will grow with the girl to a certain extent. Ribbon waistbands are more aesthetically pleasing, though. The ribbon can match the colors of the tulle, for example. It can also be tied into a bow to secure it to the waist while an elastic band is usually held in place with a safety pin.

The most important part of choosing a waistband is picking material that will be able to withstand wear and tear. A little girl will most likely run and dance about in her tutu, so the waistband needs to be able to hold the skirt up. Thin elastic bands, such as those used for lingerie or headbands, won’t keep the tutu skirt up. Thin ribbon or cheap ribbon that snags or tears easily will not last as long.

If a person wants to know how to make a tutu skirt with an elastic waist, she should cut the elastic so that it is slightly smaller than the waist of the girl who will wear it. A length of ribbon should be cut to a length that is about 1 1/2 times or twice as wide as the girl’s waist. The ribbon will be tied around the girl, so there should be room to make a bow.

How To Properly Measure

The size of the tutu skirt depends on preference and the size of the girl who will wear it. Usually, when learning how to make a tutu skirt, the more tulle used, the better. Excess tulle can always be trimmed or removed after it is made. The crafter should measure around the girl’s waist for the waistband. She shouldn’t hold the measuring tape too tightly, as the girl needs to be able to move and breathe. She should also measure the length from the waist to the girl’s knee or calf.

Putting It All Together

Assembling the tulle and waistband is key to learning how to make a basic tutut. Most styles of tutus can be made without sewing. A crafter can tie the lengths of tulle to the waistband, either by making a knot at one end around the waist band or by doubling the tulle and tying the two halves together. There are several different knots that can be used to put the tutu together, such as the slip knot. Watching the technique demonstrated on a video or looking at images of the tutu being assembled makes the process of learning how to make a tutu skirt seem simple.

How to Make a Pretty Tutu Skirt

A fun part of learning how to make your own tutus is choosing the details and decorations that make the tutu skirt unique. Some people decide to add strips of ribbon to the tutu. Once they finish making a tutu, they attach ribbons to the waist in the same way that they attached the tulle. Another option is to glue sequins to the tulle after assembling the tutu. To add visual interest, some people cut the tulle to uneven lengths. This creates an uneven, jagged hem that is perfect for a fairy princess costume. As a person becomes more skilled, she may decide to make more complex tutus with details such as bells, flowers or beads attached.

Learning how to make a tutu skirt can be easy or it can be very challenging, depending on the approach a crafter takes. Choosing an instructional course that is clear and concise and that features images or video makes the process a lot more enjoyable.

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