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Lady Bug Tutu Dress

Lady Bug Tutu Skirt

Wanna make something special for your little bug this Halloween? Most little girls just seem to love lady bugs, with their shiny red bodies and round black spots. Show your little girl what a pretty little lady bug you think she is with this adorable red and black tutu! This sweet little lady bug costume is just as brightly colored as the real thing, but with your little girl inside it, it will be even cuter than a real lady bug!

Besides the color and the shape, the most distinctive parts of a lady bug are her antenna and her wings. Luckily, this Lady Bug Tutu pattern has both! The headband style antennae are very simple and quick to create, but the spotted wings are the signature feature of this design. They are a bit more complicated to make than the antenna or skirt, but they can be adjusted to be open or closed, just like a real Lady Bug!

The outfit is shown with a short tutu skirt over black stretch pants and a top, but by altering the measurements, it can easily be transformed into a full length tutu dress without the need for the black clothes. Using a technique similar to the antenna, you could even add legs to the costume. Once you learn how to make the basic pattern, you can let your imagination be your guide and create a costume as unique as the little girl in your life!

When you buy our “How To Make Tutu Costumes” tutorial, you will learn how to create this Lady Bug Tutu and many others. Our step-by-step instructional course will give you all the information you will need to create beautiful tutus of boutique quality for practically any occasion! The best part of it is, you will be able to make each one without spending a boutique price! We will provide you with all the instructions you need, including tips and tricks to making a perfect no-sew tutu. Order today and you could be making a Lady Bug tutu for your little one in a matter of weeks!

Lady Bug Tutu Instructions


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