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Peacock Tutu Dress

Peacock Tutu Skirt

Peacocks are very beautiful yet dark and mysterious birds, which are prone to making shrieking noises. That makes them a great choice of inspiration for this tutu designed to be worn by teenage girls!

The unusual shapes and deep metallic and jewel tones of Peacock feathers, as well as their fluid movement, have long made costumes of these regal birds a party favorite. The large teal and gold “eyes” on the feathers make the birds seem to see all while revealing little. That air of enigma combined with colorful, flowing plumage lends itself so well to masquerading and this tutu version is no exception. This Peacock Tutu costume would be perfect for a teenage girl, trying to walk that line between still wanting to play dress up and wanting to appear grown up.

This Peacock Tutu costume design features a pixie cut tulle strip skirt, with longer strips in the back which creates a nice tail effect. With just a few tweaks, this tutu pattern can be adjusted so that it makes a full tutu dress instead of just a skirt. A jeweled gold mask with braided edging and a unique style of feathered wings complete the peacock look. The wings could be adjusted to face forward above her shoulders in order to make her look more like a real peacock, if you prefer. Once we have taught you the steps for creating these tutus, the only limit is your own imagination!

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Peacock Tutu Instructions


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