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Tutu Instructional Course

It can be very challenging and time consuming trying to learn all of the different techniques and styles of how to make tutus, especially without proper instructions or directions. Finding the write training course is essential if you want to master the art of making tutus.

You can find a lot of information on the Internet these days including articles, ebooks, and sometimes video but they can be extremely difficult to understand and are usually poor quality.

The problem with most of the material you come accross online is that they are usually not very clear and they often times leave out essential steps in the process of how to make tutus.

If you would like to learn everything there is to know about how to make tutus, you must either find a class held for making tutus in a local craft store in your area, or you need to find a good instructional course on DVD that can teach you all the secrets, tips and techniques. The best way to learn how to make tutus is by watching an expert from their own point of view.

We have put together the most complete and comprehensive step-by-step instructional course for how to make beautiful boutique quality tutus including 12 different variations… all without a sewing machine!

You will finally get the answers to many common questions that most people have when learning how to make tutus including:

  • How do I make a tutu on a tight budget without sewing?
  • What supplies do I need to make a tutu?
  • Where do I buy inexpensive supplies for making tutus?
  • How to make a tutu dress without sewing?
  • How to care for my tutus?
  • How do you make a tutu costume for parties or holidays?
  • How do I measure and size my tutus for a perfect fit?
  • How do I calculate how much tulle is needed to make a tutu?
  • How to avoid common mistakes when making a tutu?
  • And much more…

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Valerie Longhurst, Instructor

I simply adore crafts and love teaching others how to make tutus!

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